Brette Morgan loves to share her passion of storytelling and imagery with couples on their wedding day to create timeless, heirloom films that would otherwise fade into distant memory. Since 2018 Brette has filmed over 100 weddings where she is constantly inspired by the deep love shared by each couple.

Brette lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Seth, daughter Annie, and two Labradoodles. She loves pickleball, jalapeño margaritas, trying new restaurants and watching baseball games.

Her Why

Brette wants you to always have your memories in their most original state.

Finding her parents wedding film was an eye opening inspiration for Brette. It wasn't until then that she truly grasped the importance of her role in a wedding. Brette strives to create films that your children, family members and you will love watching decades from now. Brette enhances your footage without taking away from any of its original charm.

Brette's parent's wedding film from 1997

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Some of the little moments from Brette's life

Annie's first birthday video

Brette's other life... as a minor league baseball wife :)