Glacier National Park Elopement


Julianna and Kyler have a love that is genuine, kind and all-consuming. They met in middle school and have been together ever since, fostering a love that is ever-changing as they grow together through every phase of life. They share a love of adventure and living in the moment which instantly drew me towards them as a couple.

I used to play against Julianna in high school basketball. We were merely acquaintances until she reached out to have me film her wedding. We instantly connected as she is a wedding photographer and we bonded over all of the things we have in common.

After 2 postponed wedding dates due to Covid-19, they made the final decision to elope in Glacier National Park, Montana- just 5 hours from their home in Spokane, WA. Although it was a change from the original plan, it could not have been a more perfect day.


Every minute of their day was intentional and beautiful filled with heartfelt vows and adventure.


Their ceremony consisted of a small number of their closest family and friends where they exchanged vows and promised forever to each other. Their words were laced with kindness as they recounted their story from high school to present day. It was beautiful, romantic and funny all at the same time.


After their lovely ceremony and exchanging of vows, we hiked down to this incredible spot for a few photographs and a small adventure. A couple of very tired hikers passed us along the way and each time they did it was visible, ear to ear joy for a couple they had never met.

This moment was so special to me because it was raw and unplanned. It reminded me that no matter the time or season of life, a commitment to love and marriage is always something to celebrate! Even the wind knew I needed a few seconds of quiet to capture this beautiful moment of humans connecting over love.


After our quick detour and first drink as a married couple, it was time for dancing. Luke Combs said it best, “Some things just go better together and probably always will…It’s a match made up in heaven.” These lyrics could not have described Julianna + Kyler’s love more perfectly.

The couple both wanted to include their parents in their celebration so they opted for a father-daughter and mother-son dance. It was a beautiful moment to witness.


Parent dances are one of my favorite moments to capture because you truly don’t realize how valuable they are until well after your wedding day. Having these precious memories documented allows you to relive that day over and over again for many years to come.

Julianna + Kyler will be having a large wedding this summer to celebrate with all of their friends and family so stay tuned for more of these two and their happily ever after!

Glacier National Park Elopement shot by Brette Morgan Films-- adventure elopement videograper.

Brette Morgan- Glacier National Park Montana Elopement Videographer

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